Author: roald

  • WSL2 + Windows Terminal setup

    Setup for these two useful tools

  • GIF search-engines on WhatsApp

    As you are probably aware it is possible to search for GIFs on WhatsApp. What you might not know is that there are two possible search engines, why this is the case, how your search engine is determined and how to change it. Why are we looking into this? Well i noticed some of my […]

  • Simple PHP webpage

    For a buddy of mine I was asked to host his website as well, his website uses PHP and a bit of javascript so all we really need on the server-side of things is a web-server that has php. This will hook into the nginx-reverse proxy, so I need port 80 open, virtual host configured […]

  • Setup of this website

    Tutorial on how to set a server up with wordpress and a reverse proxy using docker containers

  • Welcome!

    I’m currently setting up this website, so don’t expect much yet. The about me section was just updated, so perhaps start there. Cheers, Roald