Update to the website

It has been a while since I did anything meaningful with this website, but as you might be able to see: it looks quite different now.

I basically re-installed the whole server and set things up in a more proper way.

Firstly this website no longer uses WordPress. I initially went this route because it was familiar and allows for a blog like this. It could still be fine, but I wanted something more lightweight and with less maintenance.

Also my setup with nginx and the containers was flawed, I had combined things that I knew worked into something that did work but not consistently, with restarts of the server it sometimes messed up and one or more of the containers would stop working nicely with the (NGINX) reverse proxy.

So I decided that I should simply figure out how it actually works instead of simply reaching a point in which it works and then calling it a day.

The website actually runs on plain html, css and javascript. Generated by using a very nice tool Publii, this contains all the tools you need to create a static website, including a conversion tool for converting pages of a WordPress website (which I would have done manually if this was not an option). This is also inherently more secure as it simply serves the code instead of executing it.

Usage of the tool Publii is not all rainbows and sunshine: there are not many themes yet and in this particular theme, Simple, the hero section has a (configurable) fixed height which messed up the mobile view big-time for me. I chose to omit this section altogether and put a link to the about-section in the footer instead.

It is quite easy to put your changes on the website, however there is no option yet to do the reverse. This would be quite nice if this is a collaborative process, or you simply happen to use multiple computers to manage the website with.

Anyway that was the basic story of the update to the website, I will make another post about how the new setup itself is made.